A dream has come true!

In the summer of 2017 the final decision came for us, Gerben and Nancy. After years of working with heart and soul in our own company that we had set up together, we had come to the point that we both felt we wanted to live differently. 

Together we started to search the internet. Looking for a new accommodation suitable for our new challenge, a small B&B in a quiet, rural environment. Living and working from our new ''home

Hours, days, weeks viewed all kinds of options on the internet, made contacts with various brokers but it was not as easy as hoped.

Until we discovered! Sent an email to Gerben Bonvanie and we got a nice response very quickly. We had contact by phone and the first conversation immediately felt good, familiar. We made an appointment to meet each other in December and go out to see various locations. All communication went very smoothly and smoothly, the click was there and for us it was definitely ''we continue with Gerben''. Soon we also met his lovely wife Betty. Several times we travelled up and down for viewings and in the meantime Gerben knew very well what we wanted and didn't want. He is open and honest, thinks along with you, knows what's going on in the region and you don't lack anything for good advice.


Spring 2018 was the year.  Gerben and Betty had found a suitable home for us. We were guided through the whole process and no question was too much for Gerben. The contact is still very nice and pleasant. 

In the past year we have regularly traveled up and down to do jobs here and now, May 2019, we have our finca involved and it may be said, it feels wonderful this new ''home''.

Gerben and Betty, thank you!

We'll definitely recommend Alora broker!

Frank & Nancy

Together with my wife Ninon we were looking for a rustic finca near Alhaurin el Grande. At the time we had written to a number of real estate agencies to help us and Gerben was one of the first to respond. Because of the personal attention he gave us, we felt we could trust him right away. And trust is a very important thing when you want to buy a house abroad.

Together with Gerben we have visited numerous fincas. We think about 30! What is so nice about the guidance with Gerben is not only that he is very capable professionally but also that he thinks along with you personally. It's not about selling but really about being of service to you. And that's a nice feeling.

Eventually we found our dream finca in Coín where we now live for 3 years with great pleasure.

We actually wanted the purchased finca in Coín right away to renovate. Gerben advised us to first live here for a year, to feel what it's like and only then to make important decisions regarding the renovation. Luckily we followed that up and we are very grateful to Gerben for that.

Because we wanted to invest again 1.5 years ago in a new holiday home in Alhaurin el Grande for rent we did not want anyone but Gerben to guide us. No doubt that he is the one who could help us in a personal and patient way. So meanwhile we also bought our second finca through Gerben.


We don't want anyone else to help us with real estate! That's one thing that's for sure.


Hamoedie, Ninon & Noömi

Vacation Rentals Sefardi, Alhaurin el Grande.

Hamoedie & Ninon

The moment we, Wietze & Jolanda, had decided to live our lives in Spain, the search started on the internet for suitable houses where we could start a B&B. Hours, days, nights, search, search. Seen all the real estate agent sites in Andalusia.
Over and over again.

The search first started in the Ronda area.
Been on the road with a Spanish real estate agent.

That was the beginning. Step by step, we came more towards Álora.

And there was a Dutch-speaking real estate agent; Gerben Bonvanie of Álora Makelaar!

From the first meeting it felt good.

Every time we went to Spain, for holidays as well, looking at houses together with Gerben. He understood very well what we wanted and especially what we didn't want.

Eventually in June 2014, when we were just back in the Netherlands, we got an email from Gerben, that there were something beautiful would go on sale.

He sent us some pictures. And yes, we had a plane ticket for that.

So in July 2014 back to Spain. And when we arrived at the house we both had the feeling; this is good! And in the end this is what it turned out to be.

So Gerben was right. He felt good that this house could become our house.

It took about 2 years, that was up to us, because we could only in our holidays but Gerben had a lot of patience with us.

And what we especially liked was the information Gerben gave. About anything and everything. You can ask anything and he knows the answers and gives advice.

And now that we have actually settled here since May 2015, you can still turn to Gerben for advice. It's not just about selling a house, but the whole process to the sale and especially the aftercare for his clients is extremely good!


Álora Real Estate Agent, Gerben, we were and still are very happy to have met you here in beautiful Andalusia, Spain Alora.

Wietze & Jolanda Jonker

Wietze & Jolanda

Since 1 January 2017 we live permanently in Spain. We certainly didn't make it easy for Gerben and his patience has been severely tested. We were looking for a finca where all facilities were present to realize our plans. This meant that in Andalusia we were looking for a house, stables for at least five horses, land for the run of the horses, storage space, a guesthouse and flat land for the construction of a riding school. Since we give dressage lessons at a high level, the possibility of constructing a riding arena with the right dimensions was essential. Together with Gerben we have been everywhere, even outside his search area. He knew exactly what we were looking for, but every time we found something to our liking there were always hooks and eyes. Usually the permits turned out to be wrong, or sometimes the investment to renovate was above our budget. After a long search we finally arrived at our current location. It wasn't something we were looking for at all, we had an old finca in our head and no modern house. It was a gamble, but when we arrived here everything turned out to be right and all facilities were available or could be modified. Once we wanted to start our business and once we lived there, it turned out that there were still some snags in the grass. Gerben has always thought along with us and is always willing to help to solve these problems even after the purchase. For us it was also very nice to be able to communicate in your own language.

We now receive nice customers and positive reactions. We live in a nice place and are still working to make everything possible to our liking.

Alexandra and Anna

Alexandra & Anna

In 2012 we decided to change our live and move to Spain, we made an appointment with Gerben Bonvanie, Real Estate Agent in Alora, Spain.
We went several times for a few days to Spain to have house viewings with Gerben and that was never a problem.
He made sure that we could see a lot of houses in those days.
It clicked immediately with Gerben and his wife Betty, what a nice people, after a personal conversation with he showed us several houses so we could see what we liked and not liked.
After some visits we have seen a lot of houses and we and have not found our dream house and get dispirit Gerben was always optimistic and showed us a house in an other area and it was love at first sight, this was our dream house.
Gerben helped us with any further handling.
And now we live in Montefrio to everyone's satisfaction.
And contact with Gerben and Betty is still very nice
For us, Alora real estate is recommended.

Jack & Yvonne

Montefrio, Granada

During our vacation in 2014 we got to know Gerben and Betty.
And we started conversations with Gerben about buying a house in Spain, with the ability to create a B&B in this area. (we have talked about this for years).
Very fast Gerben (listening to our wishes) had some properties with opportunities for us.

With the search for a suitable property we ended up in El Chorro.
A hamlet that is put on the map early this year because of the (re)opening of the Caminito del Rey (Kings walkway).
Gerben has stated during our search for homes several times a discussions that the Caminito del Rey is a big attraction.
And he was right.
This made it clear that Gerben has a lot of knowledge in this area.
We experienced this as a very fine thing, and that after the purchase of the house we could contact Gerben with every question we had.

He kept us in informed during the purchase of our house and that's very nice when you're in a "new" country were all is new.
We also bought a new "Yurt" with Gerben for extending our B&B.
This is a beautifully handcrafted Mongolian tent.
Also this has been done in perfection, from order to delivery at our doorstep.
Even helping with putting up the "Yurt" was no problem.

Looking back at the whole period from the first day until today we have a very good feeling from that.
We can really recommend people to adopt Gerben as a broker.

Gerben and Betty, thanks.

Jolanda & Gerben van

Casa el Chorro