I would like to tell you how I see the search for your dream home.
This search is like a pyramid in which you look very wide at the bottom and gradually work towards the top according to your wishes.

At the bottom you start looking for the perfect location where you would like to live.
You start looking for what kind of dream home you would like (character, ground, style, etc.)
Is the building suitable for your purposes?
If you want to use it as a business you will have to know if this is possible.
And not unimportant is the legality.
It is best to make a priority list with all your wishes.
In this way you will always get higher in the pyramid to eventually reach the top of your dream home.
Some concessions may or may not be made in the top 3 of your priority list.
Finally, you must live there comfortably.

And for those who want to start a B&B or casa rural …. If you are happy with the house and the location, you will share that enthusiasm to your guests.
Finally, the budget is also of great importance for your final result.

We are happy to help you with your search for the top of your pyramid !!!


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor piramide

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