We provide several services added to our real estate portfolio to help you out!


We have excellent contacts with local lawyers and administration offices who, as legal representatives, can assist you with your purchase and apply for all permits on your behalf.


If you choose to renovate your home, you can also contact Alora Real Estate. We have a large network with very good architects who can help and advise you. We also have various contacts who are specialized in all kinds of construction and renovation work. If you do not live in Spain yet…It will not be a problem, we can assist you with the construction / renovation.


We have a very good Mortgage Advisor who submits your application to several major banks in Spain. With a good understanding of your financial possibilities you can search and buy in a more proper way.


We all need insurances. Our English-speaking insurance advisor offers insurances at a competitive price with the best guarantees from a wide range of providers in the insurance market.

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