Do you also want to change your life and do you also think “I am leaving”?
We regularly receive questions from people who want to start a B&B in Andalusia.

A B&B is a fun way to change course. Make money in the sun !!
But there is often more to it than someone can imagine.

It is wise to put all your wishes on paper and make a good plan.
It is also good to know what the “competition” does in the area of where you are looking for and want to start your B&B.
You must also understand that a B&B is hard work and you should be able to deal with guests.

Those who handle this well can have a fantastic adventure here in Spain.
You become a self-employed person who lives and works in your own environment in a perfect climate.
You meet all kinds of nice people who appreciate what you do.

We helped several people find their dream home to start a B&B and also arrange all permits.
Do you also want to change your life and start a B&B? Then contact us.

Below are some examples of our customers who started a B&B with our help:


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