Declaration of New Building in Spain.

Declaration of New Building in Spain   If you own a plot of land in Spain and wish to build a Villa on the same, you may ask yourself what are the necessary legal requirements, in order to legalise the property, which has just been built or is being built. There...

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We apply for your NIE Number!

We apply for your NIE Number! Save yourself costly trips to Spain, and endless queues at the police station. Obtain your NIE Number! Whether you want to buy property, start a company, work salaried or self employed, etc., we provide a fast and efficient NIE Number...

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Buying A Ruin?

There was a time when ruins were especially sought after by anyone planning to build a new home! In the good old days you looked for a pile of stones in the corner of as field and declared that you were going to do a reform and you built pretty well what you looked...

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Quick moving market.

Now that the market is moving steadily (not quickly but steadily - walking stick rather than zimmer frame) we are seeing some interesting trends. 1. The cheapest, bargain, properties are selling out. The people who NEEDED to sell are selling up and we are not able to...

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Rise in Spanish mortgage approvals.

Mortgage approvals for Spanish homes rose for the first time in four years reinforcing property expert’s views that the property market is showing signs of recovery after enduring six years of the worst recession in Spain’s democratic history. The total number of...

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Buy more land with your house.

I am often asked by people looking at country houses in Spain if they can buy more land. The answer is always yes but there are ways and means of doing it! The important thing is always to forget what happens in your own country and remember that "local rules"...

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